Belkin UPS Battery HC2112W
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HC1221W Battery for a Belkin F6C650uSER-SB UPS (F6C650 range)

First there was a long period of not being able to buy one, it seems odd that a company selling UPS equipment should choose a battery that seems to only have a single source.

Then it turned up, but fitting it is not quite as simple as expected....

Changing the battery

Despite what the printed and online instructions say "Lay down the UPS. Use your thumb to open the battery cover on the bottom of the unit.", you cannot simply slide the cover off, UNLESS you first remove the retaining screw hidden beneath the "QC Passed" label. After that it is quite easy!

And the support site is not all that helpful either....

Support Site Problems

If you enter the full model number "F6C650uSER-SB" (as shown on the web site) into the (UK) website support page you get the helpful message: "No drivers or manuals for part number:F6C650USER-SB"! The trick is to only enter the "F6C650" part. They don't make life easy do they?

Belkin UK were informed of these problems in mid Feb 2006.


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